Founder’s story: From Postdoc to Entrepreneur

February 29, 2012 | Posted by Elizabeth in Company |

Last year I started Science Exchange to address a major challenge in the way science is conducted. During my postdoc it became clear to me that the system of scientific collaboration is entirely broken. I started Science Exchange because I wanted to create a new way to foster scientific collaboration that will break down existing silos, democratize access to scientific expertise and accelerate the speed of scientific discovery.

I became interested in scientific collaboration and outsourcing as a direct result of my postdoctoral research. More specifically, it was because of a particular challenge I encountered. During 2010 my research hit a roadblock when I needed to conduct certain immunology experiments that were completely out of my field of expertise. After exhausting my personal network of collaborators, I began to look externally to find someone to provide these experiments for me. What followed was an entirely frustrating process of googling keywords to try to find scientific service providers with the right expertise; emailing or calling dozens of labs to understand the outsourcing process, their pricing and turnaround time; attempting to compare and evaluate different providers with a complete absence of user feedback and reviews. And even when I found a provider I wanted to work with, I had to pay on my personal credit card because the provider was not a vendor in my university’s purchasing system.

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Welcome to the Science Exchange blog

February 28, 2012 | Posted by Team in Company |

We created Science Exchange after experiencing firsthand the challenges of efficiently accessing scientific expertise and establishing scientific collaborations. Our goal is to make it easy for researchers to access experimental specialists by bringing together thousands of scientific service providers at one convenient site, Science Exchange.

For researchers, we wanted to make it easy to access experimental services by providing an easy way to search for an experiment type, view and compare providers, and choose a provider to work with. This allows researchers to easily identify the best prices and turnaround times for experimental services, allowing more efficient use of grant money and research time. Science Exchange manages the entire process, providing project management tools such as large data file transfer and an easy payment solution (Science Exchange is an approved vendor within institutional eProcurement systems).

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