Guest post: Cut Your Lab Spending in Half


This is a guest post by Sean Seaver, the founder of (full bio below). Small suppliers of chemical and laboratory reagents are known to provide quality products at significantly reduced costs. And yet, large distributors such as  Sigma and Fisher often crowd out smaller entities, making it difficult for laboratories to find or access cheaper supplies. Compounding matters is the […]

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How can core facilities better connect with the researchers who need them?

R&D category

The following article appeared in the “Solutions” section of the 2012 ABRF Communications magazine, distributed that the 2012 ABRF conference in Orlando, FL.   A View from the Core When Dr. Todd Waldman MD PhD, made his ground-breaking discovery into the genetic basis for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumors, he did so through the help […]

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New Facility Management Tools & Project Dashboard


Over the past couple months, we’ve been looking for new ways to help providers manage their services on Science Exchange.  Our users have sent us some amazing suggestions, and we’re now proud to announce the launch of our biggest product update yet: Facility Management Tools. We’ve created a host of free features, helping providers add new services, track […]

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Science Exchange provider 3Scan awarded $350K by Thiel Foundation


At Science Exchange, we’re continually inspired by the accomplishments of our service providers as they seek to make scientific services more open and available. As such, we’d like to congratulate one of our listed providers, 3Scan on receiving $350K in grant funding from the Thiel Foundation’s Breakout Labs. 3Scan was one of six grantees awarded for their […]

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Response to New York Times article on research reproducibility


Earlier today the New York Times posted an article about the retraction of non-reproducible research (“A Sharp Rise in Retractions Prompts Calls for Reform“). It’s great to see the New York Times publicize this issue, which was also the focus of a recent blog post I wrote on the lack of reproducibility in research. In that post I provided […]

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The Need for Reproducibility in Academic Research


Reproducibility, the ability to replicate or reproduce experimental results, is one of the major tenets of the scientific method. However, in the case of academic preclinical research, reproducibility (or more accurately the lack of reproducibility) has become a significant problem. An increasing number of reports have found discrepancies in published preclinical studies across scientific disciplines. […]

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Guest post: Collaboration, Credit and Convenience—Addgene’s Reagent Sharing Model


This is a guest post by Joanne Kamens, Executive Director of Addgene (see full bio below).  So much time, effort, heart and soul go into every unique research reagent generated.  Lab tech, graduate student, industry scientist, post-doc or principal investigator—every life scientist has experienced the joy of creating a useful reagent, only to feel the pang […]

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Elizabeth featured in Fast Company


Science Exchange Co-Founder and CEO Elizabeth Iorns was profiled in Fast Company magazine, with a focus on her journey from an academic scientist to an entrepreneur. Here is a short excerpt from the article: FAST COMPANY: What’s wrong with how science happens today? ELIZABETH IORNS: One thing that’s really interesting about science now is that it’s […]

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