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Science Exchange provider 3Scan awarded $350K by Thiel Foundation

At Science Exchange, we’re continually inspired by the accomplishments of our service providers as they seek to make scientific services more open and available.

As such, we’d like to congratulate one of our listed providers, 3Scan on receiving $350K in grant funding from the Thiel Foundation’s Breakout Labs.

3Scan was one of six grantees awarded for their potential to commercialize new methods in scientific research. They develop 3-D reconstructions of brain tissue, using novel Knife Edge Scanning Microscopes to produce high-resolution images within a short time-spans.  The increase in funding will help 3Scan continue their operations while maintaining full control of their IP, given the unique funding model of the Thiel Foundation.

Again, congratulations to 3Scan. We look forward to following their groundbreaking venture in the years to come.

~the Science Exchange team

Note: If you’d like to request high-throughput 3D microscopy services from 3Scan, you can visit their Science Exchange profile here


Science Exchange Team


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