Innovative Research Awards for Young Investigators

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Research awards can provide additional sources of funding to research investigators, and a qualifying credential for future grant proposals.   For young investigators, these awards can provide considerable value-add very early in their careers.

In this post, five organizations with awards for young investigators are highlighted. Some have more substantial financial offerings than others, but all present opportunities for increased credentialing towards future awards. Many of the awards also provide seminar or conference sponsorships at national meetings, providing opportunities for community engagement and networking with peers.

Profiled below are Iota Sigma Pi, American Society for Cell Biology and ONESCO-L’OREAL, which offer awards for young female investigators; and the American Chemical Society, and Materials Research Society, which offer awards to all young investigators.

Iota Sigma Pi

Iota Sigma Pi, the national women’s honors society in chemistry, offers the Agnes Fay Morgan Research Award annually to a woman in chemistry or biochemistry who is not over forty years old at the time of her nomination. The award consists of $500, a certificate, and a waiver of membership dues to Iota Sigma Pi for one year. Previous winners include Cynthia Friend, Jacqueline Barton, and Carolyn Bertozzi.

Annual Deadline: February 15

Other awards from ISP: undergraduate through distinguished faculty

For more information, visit:

American Society for Cell Biology

ASCB offers an annual Junior Award for women within the first five years of her independent career who is “making exceptional scientific contributions to cell biology, is developing a strong independent research program, and exhibits the potential for continuing a high level of scientific endeavor and leadership.” The winner is awarded an honorarium and plaque and their expenses paid to the Annual Meeting the award is presented at. Previous winners include Yixian Zheng, Christine Jacobs-Wagner, and Yukiko Yamashita.

Annual Deadline: March 30

Other ASCB Awards: Senior Faculty

For more information, visit:

American Chemical Society

ACS offers an annual award, the ACS Award in Pure Chemistry, sponsored by The Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity and the Alpha Chi Sigma Educational Foundation. The award is $5,000 and a certificate, plus up to $1,000 for travel expenses to the meeting at which the award will be presented. The nominee must “have accomplished research of unusual merit for an individual on the threshold of their career.” Nominees must be born after April 30, 1977. Previous winners include Melanie Sanford, Phil Baran, and Carolyn Bertozzi.

Annual Deadline: November 1

Other Awards from ACS: undergraduate through distinguished faculty

For more information, visit:

Materials Research Society Outstanding Young Investigator Award

MRS offers the Outstanding Young Investigator award annually to “recognize outstanding, interdisciplinary scientific work in materials research by a young scientist or engineer.” The award is for $5,000, a trophy, certificate, and also includes expenses and registration fee to the MRS meeting where the award will be presented. Previous winners include Peidong Yang, Chad Mirkin, Kristi Anseth, and Paul Alivisatos.

Nomination Deadline: October 1, 2012

Other awards from MRS: graduate through distinguished faculty

For more information, visit:

UNESCO-L’OREAL International Fellowships Programme for Young Women in Life Sciences

The USESCO-L’OREAL awards are to promote young women in science all over the world and highlight their developments to the life science field. Candidates must be women no more than 35 years old (born after January 1, 1978). Fifteen awards are granted each year within the fields of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, and physiology. The initial fellowship is for one year in the amount of $20,000 with the possibility to extend for a second year. At least half of the fellowship must be undertaken abroad.

Application Deadline: July 15, 2012

For more information, visit:

Looking for other awards? Check out catalogs of American Women in Science, Materials Research Society, and the American Chemical Society.

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