Science Exchange facilities acknowledged in scientific paper

November 6, 2012 | Posted by Dan in News |

We created Science Exchange to help match researchers in need of expertise with those scientists who could provide it. That’s why its exciting to see the first paper acknowledging Science Exchange and those core facilities who provided expert services in a recent breast cancer study.

A New Mouse Model for the Study of Human Breast Cancer Metastasis“, which was published in the open-access peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, features the work done between labs at the University of Miami and core facilities on the Science Exchange network.

In the methods section of the paper, the authors referenced their use, via Science Exchange, of the Histopathology and Tissue Shared Resource at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Applied Genomics Technology Center at Wayne State University. Highlighted quotes from the paper are shown below.

Pathology processing and staining of harvested mouse tissues was performed at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer via Science Exchange, Inc.

Microarray experiments and analyses of datasets were performed at Wayne State via Science Exchange, Inc.

We hope this is the first of many 🙂



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