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In the past, I’ve discussed some Innovative Research Awards for Young Investigators. However, awards and conferences can benefit more than just faculty. They are of special importance to graduate students and post-docs, who can effectively use them to determine career choices, network with colleagues in their field, and gain the research expertise in conversational knowledge to give more effective lectures and interviews of their own. (And it can also just be a nice break from endless hours at the bench.)

This post is a focus on Graduate Student Awards and Conferences with upcoming deadlines, and most of these are open to postdocs as well. Profiled below is the SciFinder Future Leader in Chemistry Award, which includes a conference; the Keck Bioscience Management Bootcamp for scientists to explore business; a Materials in 3D workshop from the International Center for Materials Research; the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting and Graduate Student Awards; and a Photovoltaic Workshop. All of these offer significant opportunities to current Graduate Students in a variety of scientific fields.

SciFinder Future Leaders in Chemistry

In its 4th year, the SciFinder Future Leaders in Chemistry program brings together scientists from around the world to explore their use of scientific data, learn about career options, and have a lot of fun. This fully funded week (September 7-14, 2013) takes place at the SciFinder campus in Columbus, OH, and the American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Indianapolis, IN. I did this program in 2012 and met many fantastic people – both other Future Leaders and the exceptional people the program brought in to speak and work with us, including scientists and entrepreneurs from TechColumbus, Batelle Memorial Institute, and The Ohio State University. The Future Leaders are from all over the world; 2012 included: South Africa, Australia, China, Brazil, Austria, India, Japan, France, and Sweden, and the opportunity to learn about so many different chemical cultures was valuable.

Keck Bioscience Management Bootcamp

“Bridging the Gap” Bioscience Management Bootcamp invites 40 students to attend a two-week (July 8-20, 2013) bootcamp at the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) in Claremont, CA, to introduce Ph.D. scientists to the business side of life science companies. The program will consist of a short course in bioscience management, career-oriented workshops, and a 4-5 person team-based project. Accepted students are provided housing, most meals, and $400 for travel costs.

International Center for Materials Research (ICMR), Materials in 3D: Modeling and Imaging at Multiple Length Scale

In this workshop at University of California, Santa Barbara, from August 19-30, 2013, participants can learn advances in experimental techniques for imaging materials and survey the modeling of materials across multiple length scales. Boarding and lodging are covered for all participants and partial travel funding is available.

  • Eligible: Graduate students, postdocs, and young faculty.
  • Application Due Date: May 15, 2013
  • Materials Required: A one-page CV, publication list, and recommendation.
  • Apply Online:
  • Workshop Date/Location: August 19-30, 2013, Santa Barbara, California (UCSB)

Materials Research Society Fall Meeting and Exhibit

The Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting and Exhibit will be December 1-6, 2013, in Boston, MA. This huge meeting brings in materials scientists from all over the world for thousands of lectures, posters, and courses. Graduate students can apply for Graduate Student Awards, which are presented at every MRS National Meeting (Spring in San Francisco, Fall in Boston). Other awards are available for materials scientists at all career levels.

Photovoltaic Materials and Manufacturing Issues III Workshop

This three-day workshop, the third in a series of PV workshops organized by MRS, will be September 10-13, 2013 in Golden, CO. The focus will be on improving photovoltaic materials from low cost production of solar cells and modules, and how to reach the next generation of solar cells capable of higher efficiencies. Organizers are Bhushan Sopori (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Koichi Kakimoto (Kyushu University, Japan), and Bulent Basol (EncoreSolar, Inc).

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