Techniques Series: Next Generation Sequencing technologies


  by  EMSL    This is a guest post by James Hadfield, Head of the Genomics Core Facility at Cancer Research UK. Today there are three main next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies; Illumina, Ion Torrent and 454. Sanger sequencing is still used by almost all research labs and remains a key tool for simple clone verification or PCR […]

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SEASR Conference for Core Facilities


The Southeastern Association of Shared Resources (SEASR), a network of university core and shared resource facilities, will be hosting its launch conference this June, with support from the Science Exchange community. The conference will be the first annual meeting hosted by the SEASR association, helping to provide a forum for core facility directors and scientists to […]

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Solving The Research Integrity Crisis

CDNR Novaseek Research Science Exchange

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending the third World Conference on Research Integrity in Montreal, bringing together thought leaders on research integrity and responsible conduct in research. The Conference covered issues including the contributing factors of fabrication and systemic dishonesty, potential solutions in better training and support for whistleblowers, and larger incentives […]

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Techniques Series: Using Flow Cytometry


  by  adpal3180    Flow Cytometry is a powerful technique that enables researchers to conduct a rapid and multi-parametric analysis of single cells simultaneously. Of late, it has become an indispensable tool in basic cell biology and medical research, immunological studies, drug discovery, and even diagnosis of diseases. The applications vary as well, from cell sorting of […]

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Fermentation & Protein Purification Workshop


The University of Maryland’s Biotechnology Research and Education Program (BREP) is offering two workshops to help biotechnology professionals advance their careers and learn the latest technologies. With the event hosted by the directors of the Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility and Biopharmaceutical Advancement Facility (one of the top providers on Science Exchange), you can come to learn […]

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