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Science Exchange Stories: Why Jeffrey Kahl does science

We received this story from Jeffrey Kahl in response to our #WhyIDoScience birthday wish. We were so touched by his insightful story that we wanted to feature it front and center on our blog. Read Jeffrey’s full story below.

25 years ago I lost my Grandfather to Cancer.  I was very close to my grandfather and valued him for all that he taught me.

This all happened while I was finishing up high school and entering college.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself; youth minister, business major, theology, youth coach, engineer, or scientist.  I had no IDEA!

I always had a passion for science, tinkering with mechanical devices, conducting cool experiments with household chemicals, making monster volcanos or plastic bottle explosions.  Not even realizing there was a career in science.  No matter what, my Grandpa supported my explorations and gave me new creative ideas.  For him I am forever grateful for his love and support.

So, there were two defining moments in my life – the death of the one person that gave me the tools to become a young man, and my wife.  I found a sense of excitement in chemistry and a passion to make an impact with chemistry.  My wife had a love for science that rivaled my passion.  We became the Yin and the Yang, the Bonnie and Clyde, the nerdy science couple.   We have spent countless evenings at the dinner table talking about the excitement of chemistry and biology.  It’s been a match made in heaven.

25 years ago I made two promises to myself:

1)  I would do something influential with science; find a way to help people that suffer from disease.  Hence, I entered the biopharmaceutical industry and began the development of new therapies for inflammation, metabolic disorders and cancer.

2)  Share my knowledge of science with our future scientist “youth”, making science fun and enjoyable.  To foster the development of science and impart a sense of wonder to our youth.

I became a scientist to make a difference and to create excitement about the unknown and to solve those burning questions about how mother nature works.



Science Exchange Team


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