SpaceX at Science Exchange: Dragons and Falcons and Grasshoppers, oh my!

Chris White answering questions at Science Exchange. Last Thursday Chris White, Director of Business Development at SpaceX, came by the new Science Exchange office to quiz us on SpaceX trivia, give out some goodies, and, in general, blow our minds with all things SpaceX. We had a tremendous turnout and were thrilled that people were […]

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Interview with Chuck Zercher from Organic Syntheses


Lessons in reproducibility from the Organic Syntheses journal. As we begin our work to make all areas of scientific research more reproducible with the Reproducibility Initiative and the Science Exchange validation service, I was really interested to discover the journal Organic Syntheses. Organic Syntheses is the first journal (that I am aware of) that requires […]

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Reproducibility Initiative member reports critical finding about scientific reproducibility


We are proud to say that our Reproducibility Initiative advisory board member Melissa Haendel is part of a critical paper published today that identifies insufficient information in scientific literature as a major barrier to reproducibility. The study indicates that a central issue within the reproducibility crisis is the lack of detail in published studies.  Specifically, […]

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