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September 26, 2013 | Posted by Brianne Villano in Education, Lab Admin Tools |

Before joining Science Exchange in a Customer Development role, I worked for almost six years at one of the world’s premiere Clinical Research Organizations (CRO). I was a scientific service provider and now I get to work with them to help transform scientific collaboration. I feel lucky to have moved across the country to be a part of this team and I’m proud of the work we do on a daily basis.

So, if you’re already on Science Exchange, then let me say, “Good on ya!” You’re one of the scientists who are revolutionizing the way people think about and perform science. We are looking for great providers to join the site every day and work with the thousands of researchers seeking their expertise, so if you’re not on Science Exchange, please join us!

I mean, truly, there are 1,440 minutes in a day. How can we possibly accomplish all that we must? Science Exchange. It gives providers the tools they need to make every minute count.

My favorite feature is the sleek, simple dashboard with integrated management tools which allow you to submit estimates for project requests, monitor your current projects, submit updates to researchers with whom you’re working, and accept payment for services rendered, all without having to chase payments or enter a hundred accounts receivable.

Science Exchange:

  • gives you a simple way to manage your existing client base including reporting for your billing departments.
  • guarantees payment to your facility within 30 days of project completion.
  • provides an A-to-Z storefront which enables you to accept external orders and run at capacity.

Cheesiness be damned: join the revolution. Subscribe or follow us on our social media channels over in the sidebar to be notified when future Provider Best Practices posts are added. The lineup includes which browser versions work best with the site, the effect of storefront design on your business, and how to rank higher in Science Exchange search results.

Science Exchange Provider Starter Pack from brianne_sciex


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    Brianne is dedicated to customer support and development for Science Exchange. She     is a formally trained biologist with a M.S. in Biotechnology whose past experience at           Charles River Laboratories sparked a flame for building client relationships.

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