Small Biotech Stories: American CryoStem

Some companies skirt regulations, opting instead to go off the radar. American CryoStem‘s Anthony Dudzinski‘s first words to me on the phone during our discussion were, “We follow the rules.” They’ve accumulated the greatest depth of adipose tissue-based cellular technology research relative to creating their laboratory and processes at a clinical cGMP level, and they’ve […]

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Provider Best Practices: Completing Forms on Science Exchange


In order to successfully use Science Exchange, you have to fully understand how the site works. There are several times in which you’ll have to confirm a choice before submitting and moving on to the next task. I’ll go over the following examples in this post: Provider marking a project as complete Requester marking a […]

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Reproducibility Initiative receives $1.3M grant to validate 50 landmark cancer studies


Over a year ago, I began my mission to improve scientific reproducibility. I created the Reproducibility Initiative with PLOS, figshare, and Mendeley to provide a mechanism for scientists to independently replicate findings and be rewarded for doing so. We have made great strides in our effort such as the validation of more than 1000 antibodies […]

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Provider Best Practices: 5 Ways To Rank Higher in Science Exchange Search Result


One of the best questions I get as the provider support manager is, “How do I rank higher in search results?!” This is a great question whose answer has many parts. Here are five ways to rank higher in Science Exchange search: 1. Complete projects on ScieĆ„nce Exchange! I know this sounds circular, but hear […]

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Scientist Spotlight: Gayathri Gopalakrishnan from the Space Science Institute


I recently met with Gayathri Gopalakrishnan. She is a Research Scientist in the Environmental Program at The Space Science Institute, a half-virtual institute of researchers based in Boulder, Colorado but located nationally. Gayathri is an unusual and enlightening mix of curious, creative, and proactive. It is these assets combined with the unique atmosphere at the […]

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Provider Best Practices: How to Have a Better User Experience with Science Exchange – Internet Browser Edition


We use computers for much of the work we do every day. They are the powerhouses that allow us to accomplish amazing feats of science and technology. So why then do we ignore the upkeep and maintenance that these brilliant machines require to continue to help us excel? In recent weeks, our team has seen […]

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