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October 22, 2013 | Posted by Brianne Villano in New Feature |

In order to successfully use Science Exchange, you have to fully understand how the site works. There are several times in which you’ll have to confirm a choice before submitting and moving on to the next task.

I’ll go over the following examples in this post:

  • Provider marking a project as complete
  • Requester marking a project as complete

Provider Marking a Project as Complete

When the provider has completed the work, they can click the “Submit For Review” button to alert the requester that they’ve finished.

The next step, however, is to confirm that all project requirements have been completed and to choose a payment destination where they’d like to receive the money for services rendered.

Requester Marking a Project as Complete

The researcher receives a notification that their provider has completed the project. They can then click the “Complete Project” button to verify project completion.

The requester can then check the confirmation box and click the “Close Project” button to formalize project completion.

Scroll down the resulting confirmation page to input the payment information so the provider gets paid for the work they’ve done.

Click “Submit Payment” to pay the provider and you’re done!

I learned early on in math and science to “always check your work.” Verifying that you’ve completed each submission now will help avoid confusion later!

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    Brianne is dedicated to customer support and development for Science Exchange. She     is a formally trained biologist with a M.S. in Biotechnology whose past experience at           Charles River Laboratories sparked a flame for building client relationships.


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