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Provider Best Practices: How to Have a Better User Experience with Science Exchange – Internet Browser Edition

We use computers for much of the work we do every day. They are the powerhouses that allow us to accomplish amazing feats of science and technology. So why then do we ignore the upkeep and maintenance that these brilliant machines require to continue to help us excel?

In recent weeks, our team has seen some errors related to image and attachment uploads. These errors can often result from the version of internet browser being used. So this post is a brief run-through of reasons to keep your browser updated, not just to better utilize the Science Exchange site, but also to have a better internet experience overall.

  • Older browsers don’t support newer versions of HTML and CSS, the languages in which websites show themselves to us, so updated browsers allow you to see and use the websites in their best form.
  • Newer browser versions are simply faster. If you’re trying to upload a photo or estimate to our site, view content to make a decision about an important project, or just to watch cat videos without having to buffer, an updated browser can get you your content quicker.
  • Here at Science Exchange our personal favorite browser is Chrome  – it’s likely going to be your fastest choice for a browser. Support for HTML5 is unmatched and can make your experience on any site you choose to view much snappier.
  • No matter the browser you choose, older versions are less stable and more prone to security issues, so make sure to keep it updated to the most recent version.

We use Science Exchange because it is powerful and revolutionary.

So are our computers. Let’s take care of them.

[about_box image=””]     Brianne is dedicated to customer support and development for Science Exchange. She     is a formally trained biologist with a M.S. in Biotechnology whose past experience at           Charles River Laboratories sparked a flame for building client relationships.[/about_box]


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