Small Biotech Stories: Eos Neuroscience


Eos Neuroscience is a company built on collaboration, featuring a unique team with expertise in transgenes, virology and gene expression, and retinal degeneration. Once they complete their preclinical stage, their intended userbase would be those with blindness attributed to photoreceptor degeneration, or age-related macular degeneration. They are running into some problems in the process of […]

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Trivia Night at Science Exchange


  Last night, Bay Area biologists, physicists, engineers, and one geologist came together to answer the most pressing scientific questions.     Things like (answers are below):     What is the name of the band that sings Weird Science?     What two categories did Marie Curie win her Nobel Prize in?        […]

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Provider Best Practices: List Services Using The Experiment Hierarchy


Providers on Science Exchange can easily list service offerings on their facility storefront for researchers to order. Our new experiment hierarchy makes it even easier. Your Management section currently allows you to add service offerings using a text field that has real-time drop-down results of services that have the same keywords. […]

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