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Science Exchange team (Dec 2013)
The Science Exchange team (December 2013)

When I did my last team related post, we had just finished a whirlwind of hiring that expanded the Science Exchange team to nine stellar and diverse “athletes” (in the Jason Freedman sense of the word). Well, I’m proud to share that the team has continued to grow. Over the last six months, we’ve been fortunate enough to find one perfect candidate after another.

So, without further ado, meet the newest additions to the team:

  • Conria D’Souza is the first Canadian to join the Science Exchange team. She is a perfect combination of social and scientific… making her an amazing fit for our Customer Development Manager position. Before she joined Science Exchange, she devoured everything that was ever written about us and maybe knew us better than we knew ourselves. After joining the team we discovered that Conria is also an amazing graphic artist… bonus!
  • David Iorns brought his passion for unicorns, bacon, and hard work to the office, starting as a Software Engineer in August. He has astounded us with his ability to complete milestone achievements before they are expected. It’s this tenacious attitude that made him the most recent winner of Science Exchange’s FORCE award.
  • Dorothy Lou Bailey joined recently as Business Development Manager and is leading a number of exciting new initiatives. We met Dorothy Lou at the SF Startup Job Fair which she attended just to meet us…we were very impressed. We were further impressed when we saw her record of biz dev success in the life sciences. And we were stunned by her feats of strength… doing 45 push-ups on her first day as part of our office-wide 100 Push-up Challenge.
  • Mike Fotinakis left Google to join the team as a Software Engineer. He is a natural born leader, and has quickly taken to leading our daily Scrum meetings. He also shares his unrivaled enthusiasm with the team daily. From computer privacy issues to a capella singing to Greek food – his energy is contagious.
  • Poyi Chen joined back in July as our UX/UI Designer. He is a rare breed of both collaborative and decisive. He knocked our socks off at his interview by guiding us through the user flow and carefully explaining the rationale behind his design concepts. He has continued to unveil top-notch improvements to our site. Poyi is also the winningest Science Exchange team member… he has literally won every Science Exchange game/contest since July.
  • Ross Chapman recently joined as our ‘Go-to Front-End Master’. Ross joined from Zendesk where he led development of their trend-setting marketing website. In addition to his Michael Jordan-esque front-end web-dev-skills, he brought his dapper sense of style, mighty beard, and dry wit to the office. He also knows (some) kung fu.
  • Yogesh Pandit is our new data scientist. For his Master’s research he used data science approaches to mine the methods sections of scientific papers – talk about a dream fit for our long sought after data scientist! When Yogesh came for his in-person interview back in October not only did he excel at paper plane construction, he also completed his 3-day coding challenge in one afternoon!

So with seven new Science Exchangers since July (on top of Tess, Brianne, Michael and Fraser who joined in June), we’ve assembled a phenomenal group of 15 all-around-awesome individuals that I feel lucky to share a lunch table with daily. And despite this growth, we’ve managed to maintain—no, make that strengthen—an amazing team culture (check out Jackson Solway’s great photo essay for a ‘Day-in-the-Life’ at Science Exchange HQ).

Heading into 2014 we’re still aggressively hiring, particularly for Software Engineers and Front-end Developers, but more generally for anyone who loves what we’re doing at Science Exchange. If that sounds like you please email me.


[about_box image=””]Dan Knox is a Co-Founder of Science Exchange. Dan helped create the initial version of Science Exchange and led the company’s successful seed and Series A fundraising efforts. Now, he looks after finance, legal, HR, and operations (and even commits the occasional line of code). Dan has MSc. in Economics from City University (London) and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management.[/about_box]


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