Product Updates

New features improve your experience on Science Exchange.

Product Updates

New Feature: Improved Uploader

In modern life, dissemination of information is largely digital. So the ability to quickly share that information is a necessity, especially for efficient research collaborations.

At Science Exchange, we receive feedback for site improvements daily and a consistent request was the file uploader. This was an opportunity to significantly upgrade a feature that would have a big impact on your experience and every order that goes through the site. Check out the changes!


1) Drag and Drop

Drag any file from your computer's hard drive and drop it into the field to upload.

Drag any file from your computer’s hard drive and drop it into the field to upload, or click the “Choose File” button and select your file that way.

2) Service Integrations


a) Files from the Web

You can upload any file on the web if you have the URL. Just type it in the box and click “Upload” and you’re done. The options are as unlimited as the internet itself.

image link

b) Dropbox

The cloud storage service, Dropbox, has become an industry standard. So you now have the ability to connect your account to your Science Exchange profile, and seamlessly transfer files and images from Dropbox to your experiments.


c) Box

Box is another popular cloud storage service that many researchers use to store and transfer data. You can also connect your Box account to Science Exchange if you use that cloud storage site instead.


d) Google Drive

The Science Exchange team uses Google Drive on a daily basis. Now you can connect your account to Science Exchange and easily attach any files in your Drive.

google drive

e) Gmail

Finally, the ability to add any file from your Gmail account onto Science Exchange. Personally, I live my life with the help of Google products, and the connection between Gmail and Science Exchange makes transferring files you received from email contacts onto the site so easy.


3) Lightning Fast Uploads

Not only does our new uploader work beautifully with Internet Explorer, which always had issues with the old uploader, but the new uploader is also so speedy! We’ve received a lot of positive feedback already in favor of the new, improved uploader across multiple popular internet browsers.

We optimize Science Exchange largely based on our users’ needs and we take your suggestions seriously. The ease of use of the new uploader is another example of that. So, thank you to all of our users who provide feedback, and keep it coming!

Brianne is dedicated to customer support and development for Science Exchange. She is a formally trained biologist with a M.S. in Biotechnology whose past experience at Charles River Laboratories sparked a flame for building client relationships.


Brianne Villano


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