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Lab Profile: IBT Bioservices – Personalized Contract Research


Recently I spoke with Dr. Aman and Todd Pelham at IBT Bioservices, I was blown away by the care and consideration they put into their work.

IBT Bioservices is an early stage drug discovery company that knows the research process doesn’t always go as expected. The lab work isn’t simple; it’s filled twists and turns along the way. As a result, IBT Bioservices is a new version of CRO that has increased expertise and communication to navigate all the bumps in the road.

IBT Bioservices is dedicated to infectious disease research. With expertise in immunology, virology, bacteriology, and animal model development, they’ve established a core of services focused on adding value to early R&D programs.

I learned that there are several factors that differentiate IBT Bioservices. Client access to their subject matter experts is unfettered; their scientists consult on the design, performance, and interpretation of your study and clients get a single point of contact for study updates as frequently as desired.

IBT Bioservices team of scientists.
IBT Bioservices’ team of scientists in their laboratory.

“We have many top-notch scientists involved in client projects. At most CROs there is one scientist on staff – most of the work is done by technicians, on our team we have four PhD’s with strong publications and NIH funding record that are overseeing the design and analysis!“ said IBT Bioservices CSO Dr. Javad Aman.

Crucially, providing interim results helps clients to modify the experimental plan through direct interaction with their scientist at IBT.

According to Dr. Aman, “There are too many unknowns in early stage drug discovery. It’s difficult to standardize. Clients find it very useful to have these interactions. It may not make sense to continue a study with totally unexpected results the way it was originally planned instead you may want to redirect it to maximize the return on your investment.” As an example, Dr. Aman continues, “A client, after receiving unexpectedly strong immunogenicity data on their influenza vaccine decided to revise the project and challenge the mice with the virus.  This became possible only because of interim communications with the client; otherwise the study would have been terminated before the client had a chance to make that decision.”

Harnessing their scientist’s strong research backgrounds, IBT Bioservices has optimized in vitro assays for a panel of viruses that spans several virus families.  The resulting assays can cost-effectively screen for the inhibition of cell death (cytopathic effect) or reduction in viral yield. Inhibitors can then be examined in IBT’s infection models for efficacy against several viruses such as dengue, influenza, RSV, and alphaviruses.

On the bacterial side IBT Bioservices offers a full range of in vitro services and has also developed pneumonia, sepsis, and toxic shock models for bacterial infections such as  Staphylococcus aureus, enterotoxigenic E. coli, and Streptococcus pneumoniae. Such capabilities make IBT Bioservices an ideal research partner for experienced and novice drug hunters alike.

We are so happy that IBT Bioservices offers their unique discovery expertise at Science Exchange, check out their full list of services here!


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