Product Updates

Product Updates

New Feature: Lab-Initiated Quotes (LIQs)

Just a few weeks ago, we introduced you to our new quotes with line items. There has already been another exciting development for the site and we want to share that with you as well!

Lab-Initiated Quotes, or LIQs (“licks”) as we affectionately call them, are a way for any lab to begin their interaction with a researcher by sending a quote directly to them, whether they are already on Science Exchange or not. Some terrific applications for LIQs are in cases when you’ve been discussing the scope of work with a researcher over email or the phone and want to send them a quick quote so they can accept and get the ball rolling on the project as soon as possible.

The green “Create and Send Quote” buttons to send LIQs can be accessed by labs in two places:

First, the Activities tab.

LIQ button from Activities tab.png

Secondly, the Requests tab.

LIQ button on requests tab

Just click the green “Create and Send Quote” button in either location and you’re taken to a form that’s almost identical to a standard quote page. The first difference you’ll notice is that you can choose to whom you’ll send your LIQ. With standard quote requests, the researcher initiates by requesting a quote from your lab. With LIQs, you get to initiate which can greatly expedite your project. You can either add in the email address if the person is brand new to Science Exchange, or begin typing and the drop-down will allow you to select the name of a researcher you’ve worked with previously on the site.

Create new LIQ top

The next field allows you to select the service for which you are quoting. Any service on your Storefront is available for selection, so you may¬†need to add something to your Storefront if it isn’t already listed there.

Select a service

Next, answer simple questions about the scope of work you intend to complete for the researcher to whom you’re sending the LIQ.

Answer questions on SOW you will perform

You can enter as many line items as necessary to ensure you’ve broken out all your costing information accurately.

Add line items

There is a summary box for including your shipping address. That way a researcher can immediately ship samples when they accept your quote! Add turnaround time and any pertinent uploads – like protocols – and you’re all set to send your LIQ.

Summary, TAT, uploads

You can also Preview and/or Edit the quote prior to sending it – just make sure to hit the “Send Quote” button on the Preview page afterwards.

Preview and/or edit LIQ

That’s it! You’ve created your first LIQ. They will show up just as standard project quotes do – on the Requests tab under Quotes. You can track how many you’ve sent and their statuses.

LIQ creation success

We’ve also had labs who decided to integrate more fully with Science Exchange, and therefore used LIQs to get their existing clients onto the site so they can manage all their projects with SciEx software. The added benefits to managing all their projects with Science Exchange, of course, are guaranteed payment within 30 days of project completion, insurance on every project, and decreased overhead since transaction fees and concierge customer service is included at no cost.

Whatever the circumstance, LIQs are a big change to the way you can do business on the site. Previously, a lab could only respond with a quote if a researcher requested one specifically on Science Exchange. Now, you can send one to any researcher in the world, prompt them to accept it, and begin an active project immediately!


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