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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I’m ready to start my order, how do I submit a request?

 In the search bar, start typing in the experiment you want or a provider of your choice. Request quotes from the providers that appear in the search results.

Q: Why should I use Science Exchange instead of my current process?

Advantages of using Science Exchange include:

  • Faster project initiation through pre-existing contracts in place with all providers
    Reduced time and money spent managing legal agreements, compliance, and payment — these are managed through a single contract with Science Exchange
    Increased exposure to cutting-edge technologies and collaboration with innovative providers
  • Qualified providers: Over 7,000 experiment types covering preclinical and assay development including unique animal models, bioinformatics services, antibody production, and custom cell-based assays
    Multiple quotes quickly delivered from providers to ensure fair market value
  • End-to-end support: From prompt quote delivery to managing project milestones, Science Exchange keeps projects on track

Q: How does Science Exchange ensure the quality of providers?

In order for a service provider to be listed on our platform, they must supply extensive documentation to prove that they are legitimate and deliver services as described. Science exchange also conducts additional qualification for regulated services (GMP, GLP, GCP, CLIA, etc.), including on-site audits when necessary. Documentation we require include: W-9/tax information (W-8-BENE for non-US service providers), any unresolved FDA warning letters and USDA violations, proof of claimed certifications (non-regulatory), Better Business Bureau (BBB) citations, publications (if applicable), website verification, past client referrals, and 3rd party evaluation of financial standing (for example, Dun-Bradstreet/Hoovers)

Q: Typically, I order services directly from the provider. How is the ordering process different with Science Exchange?

You will still communicate directly with the service provider. You can type specific instructions in the secure communication box on your Science Exchange order page, or connect directly with the service provider over the phone. Science Exchange handles all the “behind-the-scenes” work, including contract negotiation, supplier qualification, compliance, and payment.

Q: We receive discounted pricing from our preferred providers. Can we still take advantage of our discounts through Science Exchange?

Of course, just make a note of your pre-established pricing on the statement of work, or let your sourcing manager know to negotiate on your behalf.

Q: I searched for a specific service on Science Exchange — how are your search results ranked?

Our algorithm shows you search results ranked by relevance, the number of requests fulfilled by that provider, the level of satisfaction reported by requesters, ability to perform regulatory compliant work (if applicable), and a few other criteria based on industry knowledge of our staff scientists and provider relations teams.

Q: I’m concerned about sending proprietary materials to a provider I’ve never used before. Do we have to set up new material transfer agreements?

No, the Science Exchange Master Service Agreement contains a built-in MTA, which prevents anyone from sharing, reverse-engineering or otherwise misusing your proprietary material.

Q: Who can I contact if I have further questions? 

Contact customer support with further questions, we’re always happy to hear from you!