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PhenoVista Chooses Science Exchange as the Primary Online Channel to Offer Phenotypic Assays to Scientists

PhenoVista Partners with Science Exchange

PALO ALTO, CA, March 12, 2018 – Science Exchange, the world’s leading and most secure enterprise platform for outsourced research and development (R&D) services, announced a partnership with PhenoVista Biosciences to offer online access to its Phenotypic Assay Development Services to scientists around the globe.

“Science Exchange has been a steadfast ally of ours since we founded PhenoVista back in 2014. They have always understood the strength of our quantitative imaging-based approach and immediately recognized the great strides our scientists make to deliver the highest quality data possible. We’re very excited about taking our relationship with Science Exchange to the next level and look forward to working with new groups of scientists across the globe.” says James G. Evans, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of PhenoVista Biosciences. PhenoVista Biosciences is a San Diego, California-based CRO and is the leading provider of custom phenotypic assay services. The company’s mission is to enrich the drug discovery community with high-quality information derived from physiologically relevant cell models. PhenoVista specializes in custom assay development in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including CNS, immuno-oncology, and rare diseases.

“We’re delighted to strengthen our partnership with PhenoVista to ensure that their cutting-edge assay services can be made more easily available to scientists worldwide,” said Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Science Exchange. “Science Exchange is committed to adding the most innovative and qualified providers to our platform, so scientists have the secure services they need readily available to aid their discoveries.  PhenoVista met our rigorous standards for quality and compliance while demonstrating breakthrough discoveries in the field of phenotypic assays.”

About PhenoVista Biosciences

PhenoVista is the leading provider of custom imaging-based phenotypic assay services. With a collaborative and scientifically-driven project design and management approach, PhenoVista has a proven track record of delivering high quality data from robust and scalable assays. A key advantage that PhenoVista leverages is the ability of their industry-trained scientists to combine world-class understanding of diverse biological systems, with cutting-edge quantitative imaging to deliver clear, actionable output data. PhenoVista’s clients include the majority of top-20 pharmaceutical companies as well as numerous VC-funded biotechnology start-ups. PhenoVista was founded by Dr. James G. Evans and Dr. Anthony Essex in 2014. A privately funded and revenue-driven company, PhenoVista continues to see double-digit revenue growth year over year.

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Gursatya Singh, also known as "Guru", manages the development and execution of strategic marketing initiatives to improve platform providers’ visibility and user experience. He is a true guru when it comes to helping providers better advertise their research services and providing buyers with easy access to recently commercialized external innovations. Whether working as a lab researcher, publishing scientific papers, or helping start life science startups, Guru believes in making the scientific world more collaborative and connected. Guru holds a master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Delaware. Follow him on Twitter @Gursatya.

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