On-Demand Webinar: Complex, 3D Screening for Cancer Immunotherapy

May 7, 2018 | Posted by Team in Webinar |

CARE Research, LLC Preclinical Services

Screening for potential anti-cancer immunotherapies benefits from 3D platforms to detect complex, multi-cell and multi-step effects on the immune system.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Differences between 2D and 3D drug screening models
  • How 3D cultures can mimic cancer cell-immune cell interactions
  • How to maximize reproducibility in a 3D drug screening assay

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Who Should Watch:

  • Assay development researchers
  • Cancer immunotherapy researchers
  • Cell biologists

About Our Speakers:

Lisa Stehno-Bittel, Ph.D. co-founded Likarda in 2012. In 17 months, Likarda was revenue positive and was chosen as one of the top 50 Most Promising Start-Ups in the World. With over 25 years of experience studying cell biology and diabetes, she has over 65 publications and many awards. Currently, Lisa and her team at Likarda are developing a cell-based solution for dogs with diabetes, removing the need for daily insulin injections.

Lindsey Ott, Ph.D. is the Director of Product Innovation at Likarda LLC. In her role at Likarda, Lindsey expands Likarda’s patented 3D cell cluster technology into other preclinical drug discovery applications like oncology, immunotherapies, and ADME-Tox.

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