Take 5 – The Transcending Power of Innovation

May 11, 2018 | Posted by Team in Innovation Highlight |

by Gursatya “Guru” Singh, Director of Scientific Content, Science Exchange

Innovation is the spice of life; it brings out the complex flavors of our ideas and elevates them to new heights. Scientific research becomes stagnant without it, as does just about every other profession. To put it plainly, innovative breakthroughs have the potential to challenge the way we think and live. Within the past few years, we have witnessed significant paradigm shifts within life science research thanks to breakthroughs from several sources such as Silicon Valley tech startups, biotech companies, CROs, academic labs, and government institutes.

To illustrate, some providers in our network now offer virtual reality services for highly-advanced 3D molecular visualization, while others provide blockchain technology to help you protect your IP (intellectual property)  and facilitate secure data storage and transfer. These providers and many more can be found on Science Exchange — offering services ranging from artificial intelligence platforms that help scientists make better drug efficacy predictions early in the research cycle, to highly inventive 3D organoid models that recapitulate human pathology in vitro. As such, we have witnessed many technologies of the future become the reality of today. Science Exchange has been and will always be ready to give you access to innovative technologies before they become mainstream.

Sit back and Take 5! If something grabs your interest, click on the provided link to learn more about each service.


Paragon Assay – An RNA-Based Immune Profiling
This assay reports on the most impactful immunomodulatory molecules demonstrated to have implications in drug discovery, biomarker development, and immunotherapy efficacy monitoring.

Clinical archives and samples, such as FFPE, FNAs, CNBs, and LCM solid tumors, have previously been difficult to characterize. Paragon accommodates these valuable and degraded materials with very low inputs and provides extensive immune characterization beyond current technologies—including differentiating cells such as M1 and M2 macrophages and Tregs—with high confidence. LEARN MORE


Organotypic 3D Lung Model
This model mimics the architecture and functions of the human airway epithelium in vitro and can be used for the assessment of goblet cell hyperplasia, mucus secretion, squamous cell development, and changes in gene expression.

The organotypic 3D lung model provides actionable data on the effects of test compounds in a rapid and reproducible manner. It has the potential to reveal differential effects of novel therapeutics on cells from non-diseased and diseased donors. LEARN MORE


BSEPcyte® and MDR3cyte® Assay Services
These novel Bile Salt Export Protein (BSEP)/Multi-Drug-Resistant Protein 3 (MDR3) inhibition assay services are useful in assessing the potential of candidate drugs in treating drug-induced liver injury (DILI).

BSEPcyte® and MDR3cyte® employ primary hepatocyte suspensions and have a significant competitive advantage over assay systems that employ membrane vesicles in being physiologically relevant and capable of cross-species comparison and in situ metabolism investigations. LEARN MORE


theraTRACE® Phenotypic Screening PlatformtheraTRACE® Phenotypic Screening Platform
This platform allows for known drug-like compounds to be comprehensively screened using a battery of in vivo assays (> 40 animal models) spanning multiple therapeutic areas.

The theraTRACE® system is able to provide a complete pharmacological fingerprint/profile of a compound in 10 weeks. The system demonstrates particular utility in facilitating the crucial “go/no-go” development decisions routinely faced by pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. LEARN MORE


Simple WesternSimple Western™ Assays
These assays can be used for protein sizing and quantitative immunodetection as an alternative to traditional Western blot analysis.

Simple Western™ assays are performed on Simon™, an instrument that integrates and automates all manual operations associated with Western blotting. LEARN MORE



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