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Q&A with LI-COR

Guru Singh, Director of Scientific Content of Science Exchange, recently spoke with Jim Wiley, Director of Marketing, Biotechnology at LI-COR Biosciences. Follow the interview below.

What should Science Exchange users know about LI-COR?

We are committed to making research reproducible. To illustrate, LI-COR is the only company that has developed methods required by journals and funding agencies to ensure that the Western blot data submitter is ready to produce robust and replicable data. We are also the only company in the Western blot market to deliver training materials/courses to educate the researcher on the above methods. These are available in the new LI-COR Lambda U™ learning portal. Also, our Custom Services group can provide exploratory/confirmatory Western blot services and antibody validation services, which relate to journal requirements and ensure research reproducibility.

Just as important, LI-COR has expertise in IRDye® products (IRDye infrared fluorescent dyes) used for surgical, therapeutic, and diagnostic applications. There are over 20 ongoing clinical trials that have propelled the use of these dyes. Unlike other life science companies, we have the products, tools, and services that can successfully help researchers take their ‘probe’ from benchtop to clinic. Custom services also include probe labeling, probe validation, and probe manufacturing (non-cGMP and cGMP).

What makes your offerings unique?

Only LI-COR has developed the full solution that includes products, tools, and services to set researchers up for success in delivering the most accurate, robust, and replicable Western blot data. Innovation was required to define and develop new protocols; there was no precise definition of how to calculate ‘replicates’ for Western blotting. LI-COR worked with the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) to create a definition (and later a protocol) that will now be enforced.

What are your primary proprietary technologies?

Our proprietary technologies include the Odyssey® Imager, IRDye infrared dyes, and the related methods/protocols developed to match the journals’ and funding agencies’ stringent data creation/submission requirements.

How is your molecular imaging superior to the chemiluminescent-based detection?

There are limitations to film and visible fluorescent detection methods that make them very difficult to hit all the requirements. One example is the requirement that one must prove that their target and normalization signal are both in the same linear range of detection. This is straight-forward when using LI-COR products.

Tell me about your global presence.

LI-COR Biotechnology products are supported globally by a network of distributors and are used in more than 100 countries. We sell directly to the US, Canada, and 11 European countries.

Interesting. How big is your company? 

LI-COR has been in business for over 45 years and currently consists of 340 employees. Also, we have 55-plus distribution partners all over the world.

What type of certifications does your company have? (e.g., GxP, minority-owned, women-owned, etc.)

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

How is your technology different than that of your competitors?

It is not just one technology that separates LI-COR from the competition, but that we offer the complete package of products (imagers, software, and reagents), tools (protocols and educational materials), and services (training from expert scientists and customer services). These were developed to aid researchers in getting the best data possible, all in alignment with the new publisher requirements.

Whom do you serve? What does your current client base look like?

We serve researchers that utilize Western blots or are involved in probe development in their research in all markets including academia, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, and government agencies.

How has your partnership with Science Exchange been?

We are inspired by Science Exchange’s mission to drive science forward by matching the research needs of scientists with the best solution providers. Science Exchange has been a terrific partner for introducing LI-COR to researchers who are looking for what LI-COR experts can offer through our Custom Services group.

Before we wrap up, do you have any final message to Science Exchange users?

Take advantage of LI-COR’s over 20 years of experience in quantitative Western blotting and infrared dye applications. Our scientific experts have developed the methods and protocols that you need to successfully create the best data possible. If you need custom services and/or manufacturing, LI-COR scientists will partner with you to deliver the best results possible.


Gursatya "Guru" Singh

Director of Scientific Content & Marketing

Gursatya Singh, also known as "Guru", manages the development and execution of strategic marketing initiatives to improve platform providers’ visibility and user experience. He is a true guru when it comes to helping providers better advertise their research services and providing buyers with easy access to recently commercialized external innovations. Whether working as a lab researcher, publishing scientific papers, or helping start life science startups, Guru believes in making the scientific world more collaborative and connected. Guru holds a master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Delaware. Follow him on Twitter @Gursatya.

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