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Antibody Analytics Chooses Science Exchange to Offer Online Access to its Bioanalytical Services Globally

Science Exchange, the leading marketplace for outsourced R&D™, announces a collaboration with bioanalytical specialists Antibody Analytics to offer best-in-class surface plasmon resonance (SPR) services to a global research community of Science Exchange.

The UK based CRO has been making waves by challenging the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach to bioanalytical testing, delivering interpretation rather than just results, and marrying in-depth molecule knowledge with state-of-the-art processes. With bioanalytical analysis being such a crucial component of any successful drug development program, Antibody Analytics works with their customers on even the most complex of molecules to delve deeper into the characteristics of the drug and its possible effect within a clinical setting.

“Science Exchange provides us with the reach and support to uniquely tailor our novel SPR approaches to each customer’s requirements,” said Jamie Hodgson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Antibody Analytics. “By taking full advantage of the performance capabilities and throughput of the Biacore 8K, we have not only been able to accelerate our service portfolio but the drug development pipelines of companies across the globe.”

“Like us, Antibody Analytics believes that drug developers should have the best data, and patients deserve the best drugs possible, so by offering SPR analysis that is not only comprehensive but fast, efficient and affordable, our customers know they are in safe hands,” stated Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Science Exchange. “Under the oversight of accomplished biophysicist Stuart Knowling and his team, Antibody Analytics is uniquely placed to accelerate the drug developers from discovery right through to marketed product.”

About Antibody Analytics
Whether designing and developing bespoke bioassays or offering routine analysis on already established assay platforms, Antibody Analytics has an exceptional track record of delivering beautiful results. Led by a group of talented and engaged scientists, Antibody Analytics look at biological problems in an open-minded way to deliver the best science using the best approaches. Follow the company on Twitter @beautifulassays, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Learn more.


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Gursatya Singh, also known as "Guru", manages the development and execution of strategic marketing initiatives to improve platform providers’ visibility and user experience. He is a true guru when it comes to helping providers better advertise their research services and providing buyers with easy access to recently commercialized external innovations. Whether working as a lab researcher, publishing scientific papers, or helping start life science startups, Guru believes in making the scientific world more collaborative and connected. Guru holds a master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Delaware. Follow him on Twitter @Gursatya.

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