Webinar: Advanced Imaging and Image Analysis Services Digital Pathology, Machine Learning and 3D Cell Culture Models

Digital Pathology Webinar Visikol

Attend this webinar to learn about:

The use of 3D cell culture models (eg. organoids, spheroids, microtissues) in drug discovery;
Application of 3D tissue imaging for studying complex phenomena such as angiogenesis;
How digital pathology and machine learning can be used to extract quantitative data from tissues. […]

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Building a Community of Innovation: October TechFest Unites Science Exchange Users

techfest cover photo

As part of our mission to accelerate scientific breakthroughs, we’ve been investing resources and capital into strategic innovation scouting and building strong research communities, both digitally and physically. This week, we hosted our first community-building event, October TechFest, for Science Exchange users in the Boston area. Attendees enjoyed lightning talks from Science Exchange providers and […]

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