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Celebrating Our Providers on the Science Exchange Network

Started in 2011, Science Exchange has grown into the world’s leading marketplace for outsourcing scientific services with clients across the globe, and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without our outstanding Provider Network.

It is an honor and privilege to work with our Providers. We are constantly amazed by the talented companies and individual experts that make up our Provider network. Their ability to tirelessly work on projects and to continually push research further is what motivates Science Exchange, and especially our Provider team.

Our marketplace consists of 2500+ of the world’s best Providers. Their services range from amino acid analysis to zebrafish models, and their goal is to assist in accelerating scientific breakthroughs. To show our appreciation, we will be publishing a series of blog posts highlighting our wonderful Providers with the first article coming in December 2018.

Please join me in celebrating our Providers by using our Marketplace or learn more by emailing [email protected].


Max Smith-Gee

Operations Manager, Science Exchange

Max Smith-Gee, MBA (Organizational Management, Kingston University London) is an Operations Manager at Science Exchange with +5 years experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors with 3 of those years in Account Management. Max's goal is to enrich our Provider network and to further accelerate scientific research.

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