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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Providers: Pro-tip: How to format the text on your quote

HELP FOR PROVIDERS Pro-tip: How to format the text on your quote Science Exchange supports a syntax called Markdown that allows you to format text on your Storefront and quotes. You can add headers, lists, bold or italicize text, add links and more. It’ll help when the quote is heavy with content. Frequently used Markdown […]

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Providers: What do I do if a customer asks about payment?

HELP FOR PROVIDERS What do I do if a customer asks about payment? Science Exchange is the paying entity to your lab, so any billing or financial documents should be sent to Science Exchange and not to the researchers requesting your services. New invoices should be sent to [email protected] Billing questions to [email protected] If a […]

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Providers: How can I communicate with researchers requesting my services?

HELP FOR PROVIDERS How can I communicate with researchers requesting my services? Sign in to your account, and you will see all new opportunities, quotes you have provided, orders in progress, and completed orders on the “Requests & Orders” tab of your Provider dashboard. Any requests that are awaiting quotes can be found under the […]

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Providers: How do I create a quote?

HELP FOR PROVIDERS How do I create a quote? There are two ways to create a quote on Science Exchange: by responding to a customer request, or sending a Lab Initiated Quote (LIQ). 1) To create a quote in response to a request, sign in to view all new requests as listed in the “New […]

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Providers: Can I provide GxP or regulated services?

HELP FOR PROVIDERS Can I provide GxP or regulated services? The GxPs – Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP) or current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) – are a set of federal regulations or internationally accepted quality guidance documents that govern how certain research projects are to be conducted. These projects are typically included […]

Read More… Joins Science Exchange to Offer Online Access to its Global Expert Identification & Sourcing Services

Innovation-led Procurement Webinar Science Exchange

Science Exchange, the world’s leading marketplace for R&D services, announced a collaboration with to offer online access to its global expert identification & sourcing services, supporting clients in connecting to clinicians, academics, commercial experts and even payers, to advise on any given topic within healthcare and life sciences. is a Cambridge-based technology company whose […]

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Medical device company uses Science Exchange to advance bionics into the clinic

Medical device case study Science Exchange

BIOS is an innovative medical device company that is creating an open standard connection for bionic limbs which can be controlled with thought and respond to sensory inputs. Their R&D programs require integrated, cutting-edge expertise from multiple disciplines, including materials science, machine learning, and neuroscience.

Download the case study to learn how Science Exchange enabled BIOS to rapidly advance its bionics technologies, bringing these potentially life-changing devices into the clinic where they are now being tested.


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