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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

How do I create a quote?

There are two ways to create a quote on Science Exchange: by responding to a customer request, or sending a Lab Initiated Quote (LIQ).

1) To create a quote in response to a request, sign in to view all new requests as listed in the “New Opportunities” column of your Requests & Orders page. Click the opportunity to open the Order page, containing the details of this request.

New opportunity on dashboard

From the order page, click the “Submit a Quote” button.

Submit quote responding to request

 You will be taken to the “Start Quote” popup modal.


Create a new quote, or start from a previous quote.

When you are creating a quote, you can:

  1. Click “Start New Quote” to build your quote using a blank form,
  2. Click one of your recent quotes, or
  3. Find a previous quote by typing the quote title into the search bar.

Starting from a previous quote allows you to edit a form that’s been prefilled using the details from your previous quote.

start from recent quotes 3 options


Add as many line items as required to delineate your scope of work. The form will automatically calculate the Lab Total, which is the payment you’ll receive from Science Exchange once the order is marked complete. Indicate the deliverables that the customer will receive, and include a detailed statement of work (SOW). Then enter the total turnaround time and the payment destination. If you would like to specify a custom payment schedule including upfront payments, monthly invoicing and/or milestones, click the “Specify a Custom Payment Schedule” option and add the milestones and/or upfront payment.

Payment settings

You can save the draft of your quote to work on later, or you can click “Next Step”.

You will then have a chance to review the quote before clicking “Send Quote,” which will submit your quote to the requester.

2) Lab Initiated Quotes (or LIQs) allow you to start a new order by sending a quote directly to any email address, regardless of whether they are a Science Exchange user or not. This is especially useful under circumstances such as the following:

  • You’re sending multiple quotes to a requester
  • You’re bringing in an order to the platform to take advantage of our payment capabilities
  • You have been discussing a project with a researcher that falls under our MSA.

Follow these instructions to create and send a LIQ.1