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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

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Requester: Now that I’ve accepted my quote, what do I do?

Maintain communication and engagement with the service provider via the order page. Information regarding project details and changes that is captured on the order page serves as an audit trail; in the rare event of a dispute, Science Exchange uses the audit trail to help with arbitration.

Type a message to the service provider to get sample preparation instructions, shipping information, and shipping address. You may use Science Exchange’s shipping feature to create a shipping label with FedEx. If you choose to arrange your own shipment, we recommend that you post the tracking number to the order page to keep the Service Provider informed.

Once the service provider finishes processing your order, they will mark your order as complete. At this time, please review the deliverables and click the green ‘Confirm Completion’ button to finalize your order.

Payment is due to Science Exchange after the service provider completes your order. Visit your order page’s Billing tab for payment instructions.


Science Exchange Team