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News Joins Science Exchange to Offer Online Access to its Global Expert Identification & Sourcing Services

Science Exchange, the world’s leading marketplace for R&D services, announced a collaboration with to offer online access to its global expert identification & sourcing services, supporting clients in connecting to clinicians, academics, commercial experts and even payers, to advise on any given topic within healthcare and life sciences. is a Cambridge-based technology company whose mission is to democratize access to knowledge, ensuring that knowledge sharing and advisory are as streamlined and efficient as possible, helping expedite innovation and progress in the sector.

Visit’s Provider Profile to learn more about their services listed on Science Exchange:

"We are proud to team up with Science Exchange to offer end-to-end expert connection services to professionals across functions within the biopharma sector. We assist our clients in sourcing primary insights and advice from the data-backed leading minds for each and every niche. This effort requires an immense yet nuanced understanding of how to use objective data to qualify experts, ensuring that only the truly leading insights are sourced. We do all of this at a rapid pace.”

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