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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Managing R&D services with Science Exchange: How technology solutions are driving market success

In a recent post on,  the largest website focused on procurement and supply management, analysts from Ardent Partners reviewed Science Exchange’s solution for managing a large, complex spend category: R&D services. CPORising’s author, Andrew Bartolini, first outlined the market opportunity and core needs for R&D Services Management solutions. He then described how Science Exchange helps organizations […]

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PreScouter Joins Science Exchange to Offer Online Access to Technology Scouting Services


Science Exchange and PreScouter are partnering to offer online access to its scouting services, including tech landscaping, literature review, and vetting of new opportunities for scientists around the globe. PreScouter is a Chicago-based research services firm whose mission is to connect pharma and biotech organizations with disruptive innovations and technologies being developed around the world. PreScouter helps […]

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Webinar: Clinical trial considerations in neurodegenerative disease


Running clinical trials for neurodegenerative disease can be challenging, due to the complexity of studies, rapidly evolving knowledge of disease areas, regulatory considerations, obstacles facing patient recruitment, and difficulties in patient retention.

Drawing from her extensive experience in managing clinical trials in Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, and multiple other neurological disorders, Dr. Tina Soulis of Neuroscience Trials Australia will share best practices and helpful tips for moving clinical stage research forward. […]

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