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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

What are the Terms of Use and Payment Terms?

As a Provider on Science Exchange, you agree to these key points:

  • Science Exchange is the paying entity to your lab, so any billing or financial documents should be sent to Science Exchange and not to the researchers requesting your services.

  • Science Exchange offers built-in PO processing, so quotes should be made and submitted on the platform using the “Create a Quote” button. Do not upload external quotes whether they are pdfs, word docs, excel pricing sheets, etc.
  • Be sure to keep requests from Science Exchange on Science Exchange. 
  • We highly recommend that all communication with Requesters be detailed and on platform to ensure an audit trail of information and guarantee that Science Exchange can pay you upon project completion.
  • Standard payment terms are Net 30 but Enterprise clients have different payment terms. Upon customer approval, we are able to provide milestone or up front payment. Please add a note to when using the “Create a Quote” function so that our Sourcing Managers see your request and we can receive customer approval on your behalf.
  • Need to get paid fast? You can opt into our Rapid Payment Program for eligible orders. As a member of the program, you have the option to select early payment terms (10 business days) in exchange for a small fee. This fee is a small percentage of the invoice amount and is in line with typical credit card processing fees for online transactions. Click here to opt into the Rapid Payment Program.

Please see the Terms of Use and Provider Agreement for complete terms.