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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Managing an active Order

Maintain communication and engagement with the service provider via the order page. Information regarding project details and changes that is captured on the order page serves as an audit trail; in the rare event of a dispute, Science Exchange uses the audit trail to help with arbitration.

Type a message to the service provider to get sample preparation instructions, shipping information, and shipping address. When your shipment has been arranged, we recommend that you post the tracking number to the order page to keep the Service Provider informed.

Once the service provider finishes your order or milestone, they will submit an invoice to Science Exchange. Your order or milestone will automatically move to “Order Complete” status once Science Exchange has received, reviewed, and approved the invoice from the Provider.

Payment is due to Science Exchange once your order or milestone status is “Order/Milestone Complete.” (shown below) Your net payment term is indicated in your invoice. View instructions

Completed Order