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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Help finding a Provider


 If you’ve searched on the Marketplace and have not received quotes, we suggest the following:

Ask multiple Providers and include project details

  • Select multiple Providers when you begin your Request or click “Invite more Providers” to add additional Providers later on.
  • Include as much information regarding your project as you can, such as service requested, project goal, sample type, number of samples, reference papers and required deliverables. 

Do you have a Provider in mind? Ask us to add them to the marketplace

  • From your Dashboard or Requests & Orders tab, select “+New Request” 
  • Click “Suggest a service provider” link.
Start a request modal
  • Complete the Onboard A Provider form and we will take it from there. We will notify you when the Provider’s application has been approved.

Ask our Concierge team for help [Enterprise users only*]

  • Select “+New Request” from your Dashboard or Requests & Orders tab (as above), then “Ask our concierge.”
  • Complete the Concierge request form and include enough details about your project that our team can help you identify appropriate Providers.

*Science Exchange’s concierge service is available to organizations who have implemented the Science Exchange Enterprise Platform. Contact us if your team would like a quick demo of these Enterprise features and more.