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Tips and FAQs to help enterprise teams manage R&D services

What are the benefits of direct integration?

There are different avenues of direct integration with Science Exchange. These include procurement system integration, SSO integration, and file storage integration.

Procurement system integration allows the buying experience for researchers to remain the same as their current processes and provide a seamless punch-out catalog into Science Exchange. All PO generations, change orders, payments, and invoicing will be streamlined and automated via the Science Exchange platform and with the client’s existing approval workflows in place.

An SSO integration with Science Exchange allows researchers to seamlessly access their Science Exchange account and offers all of the benefits of SSO on productivity, strong password security, and quick adoption of new company adopted tools.

Researchers currently need to manage a separate process: set up folders with each new project, give access to external vendors, and manage keeping files up to date. File storage integration with Science Exchange removes this process and automatically copies all files uploaded to a Science Exchange order to a cloud file storage location of the client’s choosing. This allows researchers to eliminate a manual process and ensures that external project files are maintained in a compliant manner.