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Atlas Genomics joins Science Exchange to Offer Online Access to Non-clinical and clinical Contract Research (CRO) Services

Science Exchange, the world’s leading marketplace for R&D
services, announced a collaboration with Atlas Genomics to offer online access to its Contract Research services, including singleplex and multiplex immunoassays (Luminex, MSD), gene expression analysis (Quantigene), Next Generation Sequencing, qPCR, and more, to research scientists.

Atlas Genomics is a Seattle-based, high complexity, CLIA-certified company whose mission is to provide the highest quality CRO data services in parallel with a superior level of customer service through client collaboration.

“We are proud to team up with Science Exchange to offer CRO services to the top drug discovery companies today. We assist our clients in both non-clinical and clinical drug development. This effort requires a strict adherence to rapid project turn around, consistent client collaboration, and the highest quality data. Atlas Genomics excels at being able to respond rapidly to ever-changing scientific needs.”
atlas genomics
Chris Destro
President of Atlas Genomics’ CRO Services
“Atlas Genomics has provided extraordinary quality, service and turnaround times to extend and complement our own internal resources. Partnering with them is seamless and they have become an extension of our team. Their attention to detail and ability to collaborate allows us the freedom to expand our capabilities and deliver high quality results under very difficult time pressures.”
Top 10 Pharma Company
Head of Non Clinical Services

About Atlas Genomics

Atlas Genomics is a CLIA-certified, molecular diagnostic laboratory and CRO (contract research organization) founded in 2014 and located in Seattle, Washington.

We offer a multitude of CRO capabilities including Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina); qPCR (Taqman); multiplexed DNA, RNA, and protein analysis (Luminex, MSD); and ELISA. Our highlighted multiplex platforms include ProcartaPlex™ and QuantiGene™ Plex (ThermoFisher Scientific), MILLIPLEX® MAP (MilliporeSigma), High Performance and Luminex Immunoassays from R&D Systems, and v-Plex™ (MSD), which enables measurement of 1-80 targets in a single well.

We are currently working with several top drug discovery firms, partnering to ensure their non-clinical and clinical project timelines are on schedule and within budget. A key component of our laboratory is our unique and personal commitment to our biotechnology partners, which provides them the highest quality data at a fraction of the time offered by other laboratories.

Our tenured laboratory staff is nimble, attentive, and informative — and we keep our valued clients informed of progress every step of the way. When looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner, look to Atlas Genomics.


Max Smith-Gee

Operations Manager, Science Exchange

Max Smith-Gee, MBA (Organizational Management, Kingston University London) is an Operations Manager at Science Exchange with +5 years experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors with 3 of those years in Account Management. Max's goal is to enrich our Provider network and to further accelerate scientific research.

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