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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Orders with Upfront Payments and Milestones

Providers are able to add upfront payments and milestones during the quoting phase of a request. Milestones allow providers to fulfill and bill throughout the duration of a project, rather than entirely upon completion.

Where applicable, check with your organization regarding their upfront payments and milestones policy prior to accepting an order.

Upfront payment and milestones are viewable on the quote.

When a provider completes a milestone and submits an invoice to Science Exchange, you will receive an email indicating that Science Exchange has received, reviewed, and approved the invoice, and that payment from your organization is due. The milestone is automatically marked complete, and  payment is issued to the provider on the agreed payment term.

If the deliverables are incomplete or have not yet been received, please click the “contact Science Exchange” link on the milestone completion timeline event — this will open a popup window on the page where you can message Science Exchange Support with your request to reopen the milestone.

inquiry popup modal

Your quote will indicate if an upfront payment is required in order to start work. A justification for the upfront payment, such as “Purchase of animals” or “Obtaining required reagents” is required for the Provider to submit the payment schedule.

If an upfront payment is required, requesters will receive an invoice for this payment and it will be clear whether the payment must be received prior to the initiation of work.

Once the payment is received, work can begin.