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What is Evident™? What are Provider compliance assessments and how do I complete them? 

To meet requirements of client organizations, Providers are able to complete assessments covering Animal Welfare, Human Biological Samples, GxP, Information Security, etc., using our new feature, Evident™ standardized compliance assessment. Completing a standardized questionnaire saves your organization time and differentiates your business in the search results.


Researchers rely on completion of these assessments to ensure that their working partners are secure and meet the needs and standards of their organizations.


After finishing a questionnaire, it can take up to 24 hours for the completion acknowledgement to appear on your storefront.

To access assessments, navigate to your storefront and select the “Customize” button. Scroll down the page to see the available assessments. 


Selecting the assessment will take you to a unique survey. The link on this page can be distributed to other members of your team as needed to complete the questionnaire.



Partial survey responses will be saved for 30 days, and returning to the survey will prompt you to resume where you had previously left off.

After finishing a questionnaire, it can take up to 24 hours for the assessment to appear on your storefront.



Contact [email protected] for assistance with updating responses in the assessment.