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Customer Stories

Cell painting services from PhenoVista Biosciences accelerate drug screening

About the Requester

The client was interested in improving the detection of structural cellular toxicants as part of a drug screening cascade using Cell Painting, a broadly applicable imaging approach.

About the Provider

PhenoVista’s core expertise is combining physiologically-relevant 2D and 3D cell models and quantitative fluorescence imaging with (pre)clinical assets to position them for further development or partnering.

The Challenge

Cell painting provides an open-ended, unbiased approach for better understanding diverse chemistries or other libraries such as CRISPR/siRNA. Rather than focusing on a defined set of molecular markers, cell painting measures changes in key structural components including the nucleus, Golgi/ER, actin cytoskeleton and overall cell shape. 

Despite its growing popularity, the optimization and implementation of the cell painting assay can be challenging, particularly in certain cell lines. In this case, the client’s drug screening cascade was being performed in primary hepatocytes and iPS-derived cardiomyocytes.  

Spheroid-based analysis of cell structures: 3D cell painting

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PhenoVista’s Solution

PhenoVista was able to efficiently deliver screening data for a 200+ compound library across both cell types, as well as use the datasets to build models for machine learning/data analysis that can be implemented in future screening cascades by their client.

These techniques also can be complemented with target-based approaches, e.g., antibody staining, to further improve data richness and applicability. Phenovista offers cell painting screens in diverse cell models as well as 3D systems (as shown at right).

Learn more about PhenoVista Biosciences’ expertise in automated quantitative imaging and phenotypic screening by visiting their Provider Profile.


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Operations Manager, Science Exchange

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