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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

EBOOK: Top-Performing Service Providers of 2019

Ebook: Top-Performing Providers of 2019

Discovery research programs at small and medium-sized biotechs are demanding — R&D leaders must balance the need to innovate with the risk of early technology adoption.

On top of this, they must address the challenges of talent retention, regulatory compliance, and meeting aggressive timelines. Many fast-growing biotechs have now implemented Science Exchange Enterprise to achieve all of the above.

Download this year’s e-book for our recommendations of the top-rated providers and valuable tips for increasing R&D productivity.

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VIDEO: Accelerating breakthrough discovery: why R&D leaders use Science Exchange

Accelerating Breakthrough Discovery: Science Exchange Overview

As an R&D leader, you work hard to boost your company’s productivity. But let’s face it, recent trends haven’t been encouraging.
This video demonstrates why and how R&D leaders in top pharmas and fast-growing biotechs are implementing Science Exchange, the leading platform for managing outsourced R&D services, to accelerate discovery research.

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