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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

How do I check the status of my invoices?

Providers on the Science Exchange Marketplace can check on the status of invoices they have submitted for processing. Once Science Exchange has received and reviewed your invoice, its status will update in real time on your Provider Profile Analytics page.

To check status

  1. Visit the Analytics tab on you Science Exchange dashboard to review your invoice history:
  2. Click on “Earnings”
  3. You will see a list of recently submitted invoices that have been processed in our system

5. You can search for a specific invoice or Purchase Order number using the search field

6. Easily discover the status of your invoice (approved, rejected, or paid)

Faster Payment Methods

Tired of waiting for checks in the mail? Please see Editing your Payment Destination or contact us at [email protected] to get signed up for direct deposit.

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More Questions?

Science Exchange is the paying entity to you, so any billing questions should be sent to [email protected] and not to the researcher who requested your services.