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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Review Quotes and place an Order

From your Requests & Orders tab, you can search for all Requests with quotes that are “Pending Decision”. Select a Request.

Quickly compare quotes from providers you’ve invited to bid on your request. You can review “Quote Details” directly or view the quote by selecting “Go to Discussion.”

Compare quotes

You can also review the quote details directly from the Provider discussion page.

Review quote details

Review the quote details and select “Choose this Quote.”

Choose quote

Once you’ve selected a Quote, you’ll be asked to choose a payment method. Choose Purchase Order (See How to use Blanket Purchase Order).

You can upload a purchase order directly now, or send one later to [email protected].

Once your PO has been uploaded or received by email, the PO will be shown as Pending. You will also see confirmation on the Order timeline that the PO has been successfully uploaded.

Once the PO has been reviewed and approved, the Order will progress to “In Progress.” The Provider will be notified that work can begin.

You can always quickly access your purchase order information on the corresponding order page on Science Exchange as follows:

  • Find the PO name/number prominently shown in the “Order Summary” sidebar as shown below. 
  • If multiple POs are applied to a given order, they will all be listed together.
  • If there are multiple versions of a single PO, the most recent version will be shown.

Once your order is in progress, please ask the provider for sample preparation and shipping information, if applicable. After you have shipped your samples, please share the tracking number with the provider.