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A Virtual Toast: Summer 2020 Edition

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the latest R&D Leadership Network* Virtual Happy Hour! After a kickoff discussion on the dynamics of funding and partnerships during the COVID-19 pandemic, we split into breakout sessions to catch up informally. 

Our team loved sharing “best quotes” from the evening — here are some memorable ones: 

“This is going to be a great year for scientific innovation.”


On hiring biotech CEOs:

“Zoom is a new skill that they should be assessed on!”


“CRO relationships have kept us going.”


On academic collaborators:

“Their labs are shut down but their brains and IP are ready.”


Effect of COVID-19 on private capital:

“Investors are thinking, ‘we do need vaccines and therapies.’ They have a greater appreciation for biotechs and what we do.”

Challenges of remote work:

“I’ll schedule a 30-minute Zoom for what could have been a 5-minute water cooler conversation.”


On startups:

“The fact that no one is traveling is allowing [VCs] to spend more time working on more potential companies … company creation has not slowed down at all.”


Upsides of focusing the pipeline:

“[Our R&D teams] have 1-2 missions and they are all just passionately going after it, and loving it. I have never seen this group this happy in a long time!”

*The Science Exchange R&D Leadership Network is an advisory group focused on advancing Science Exchange’s mission of accelerating scientific discovery through connection. 
If you are an R&D leader and are interested in networking opportunities with peers in the biotech & pharma industry , please reach out to us to learn how to join!


Josh Zeidman

Director, Business Development

Josh leads KPI development and execution at Science Exchange's global biopharma clients. Josh's consulting experience includes his role at Boston Consulting Group, where he focused on operations and biopharma, leading network strategy and procurement strategic risk mitigation at top biopharma companies.

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