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What are Lab-Initiated Quotes (LIQs) and why should I use them?

You can send a quote to any customer using LIQs

What is a LIQ?

Lab-initiated quotes (LIQs, or “licks”) are a way for you to begin your interaction with a customer by sending a quote directly to them, regardless of whether they have a Science Exchange account or not.

Why use LIQs?

With standard requests, the customer initiates the interaction by requesting a quote from your storefront. With LIQs, you get to initiate the interaction, which can greatly expedite your order by reducing lead time.

For instance, you’ve been discussing the scope of work with a customer over email or phone. You can send them a LIQ, which they can then accept, and you can get started on the order right away.

Using LIQs to complete guaranteed orders will improve your ranking in our search results, leading to more traffic to your storefront and more requests.

Added benefits of sending customers LIQs:

  • No additional contracts or invoicing/payment processing setup required to work with new researchers
  • Guaranteed payment 
  • Efficient order management tools

Now, you can send quotes to any customer in the world and begin an active order immediately. 

How to create and send LIQs

To initiate a LIQ, click the blue circle (“Create a Quote”) icon at the top right hand side of page. This icon is available on every page.

Create quote

You will be taken to the “Start Quote” popup modal. You can (1) click “Start New Quote” to build your quote using a blank form, (2) click one of your recent quotes to edit a form that’s been prefilled using the details from your previous quote, or (3) find a previous quote by typing in the quote title into the search bar.

start from recent quotes 3 options

Select a service type from the dropdown list, unless you have started from a previous quote, in which case this field is prefilled. This dropdown list will be populated with the services you have already configured to your Provider Profile.

LIQ - select service and recipient

Input your quote recipient’s email address. Your recipient will be sent an invitation to join Science Exchange to view your quote, if they aren’t already a registered user.

Design your quote as you normally would for any other request type. Please include line items, pricing information, deliverables and any Custom Payment schedules (milestones/monthly invoicing, upfront payments) as applicable.

See How do I create a quote? and the Custom Payment Schedules Help Center page for more information.

Be sure to configure a Payment Destination, if you haven’t already.

LIQ - add line items
Once submitted, your Lab Initiated Quote will be located under your Provider Dashboard, in the same column as your other quoted projects.

LIQ shown in dashboard
Submitting Lab Initiated Quotes will create a Request page for direct communication with the recipient, just like the other submissions that are sent to you by the requester.