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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Submitting a new Request

Search for providers on the marketplace

Begin searching for services by typing keywords into the search bar or by clicking on “+ New Request” at the top right of the Dashboard (see screenshot below).

  1. Enter keywords into this search bar to search for services
  2. Click this “+ New Request” plus sign to open a new request form

The smart search will begin, suggesting results in a drop-down list, based on the typed text. Either select the desired service from the drop-down list or hit ‘Enter’ to perform a keyword search. You will be shown a list of providers that offer your service of interest.

Request quotes from providers

Search results are automatically ranked with high performing providers (based on reviews, completed projects and responsiveness) and can be narrowed  further using filters on the left hand side. To access the provider storefront which includes additional information about provider, contacts and reviews, click on the provider name.

Click the “Select” button for each provider (up to 5) from whom you wish to request a quote. Selected providers will appear in the box at the upper right:

You can click the ‘Deselect’ button or the ‘x’ next to any selected provider to remove them from the list.

Click “Create Request”.

On the Request form, give your request a Name, add any Internal Reference ID (optional), and type in the details of your scope of work. Provide enough detail for the Provider to easily understand the general scope of work to match with their capabilities. If you have a detailed project description as a separate file, you can also upload it here and it will be shared with all of the selected Providers.

Click “Submit Request” to share the request details with the Providers you have selected.