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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

How Science Exchange works

Science Exchange’s R&D services marketplace empowers organizations to connect, collaborate, and innovate to more effectively bring new discoveries to market. With qualified, ready-to-transact providers across the globe, Science Exchange lets you better manage R&D services and accelerate scientific innovation. 

The marketplace is easy to use; click each step below for more detailed instructions.

  1. Search for your service of interest. Explore a network of 2,500+ qualified and pre-contracted providers offering 6,000+ R&D services.
  2. Request quotes from multiple providers to compare pricing. Compare quotes to simplify competitive sourcing.
  3. Place your order with the chosen provider to begin your project. You can order immediately from any provider, all with pre-established contracts in place.
  4. Manage your project through our platform, where you can securely communicate and exchange data, with access to dedicated Science Exchange support.
  5. Submit payment to Science Exchange once your order is complete. Use the platform to manage all payments.

Key Advantages of using Science Exchange

  1. Speed resulting from an automated solution that breaks down the friction points normally experienced with external research. Receive quotes, POs, and start projects faster.
  2. Access to Science Exchange’s full marketplace of ~3,000+ pre-contracted providers offering over 7,000 different scientific services. No additional NDAs, MSAs, MTAs required.
  3. Efficiency through a streamlined workflow to request, process, and complete orders.
  4. Cost Savings are driven by pricing transparency. By requesting multiple quotes for the same project, you are able to make your choice based on price, turn around time or specific Provider expertise.  

Learn more about Science Exchange in the video below!