Fulcrum Therapeutics Accelerates Drug Discovery with Science Exchange

As a lean biotech with ambitious goals, Fulcrum Therapeutics needed to maximize R&D speed and productivity. Given the highly competitive environment, speed was essential for filing and protecting IP, as well as for quickly moving potential therapies into clinical development.

The Science Exchange SaaS-enabled marketplace was designed to solve the project initiation challenges for emerging biotech R&D organizations. By eliminating the need and time delay to establish one-off provider contracts and by integrating directly with existing IT infrastructure, Science Exchange enables biotech companies to focus immediately on execution. […]

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Syngene Accelerates Therapeutic Discovery with Target Focused-Modality Agnostic Approach and Deep Expertise Across Specialty Platforms (PROTACs, Conjugates, T-Cell, Gene Therapy)

Syngene accelerates discovery

Check out our interview with Kenneth Barr, SVP, Discovery Services, Syngene as he talks about targeted protein degradation emerging as a transformative new therapeutic modality.

Sygnene is accelerating therapeutic discovery and we’re thrilled they are a part of our Science Exchange Contracted™ network of 3,300+ CROs, CMOs, and academic labs offering their services to help research organizations accelerate drug discoveries and innovation. […]

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