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Life scientists are losing months to vendor qualification and even requalification, according to a 2020 study from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. “Sponsors, CROs and sites spend almost five months evaluating and negotiating contracts with single-service vendors and nearly seven months for multiservice vendors,” reported CSDD. 

At Science Exchange, we tailor our provider qualification processes to your needs, speeding up your R&D, minimizing your risk, and giving you access to the largest network of fully contracted providers.


With the Science Exchange Contracted™ provider network, you can save months of time qualifying and/or requalifying providers, while confidently working with providers that meet your most stringent criteria for quality and integrity.

Need on-site audits of provider facilities?

Science Exchange provides guidance and access to on-site provider audits, where experts in regulatory compliance can physically visit and evaluate facilities where work will be done. Our auditors will:

  • Complete gap analysis of compliance of Providers
  • Assist Providers with attaining regulatory compliance
  • Review plans and protocols
  • Conduct in-study or in-process inspections
  • Review/audit reports

ISO 9001-certified quality monitoring system 

Every provider on the Science Exchange platform is rigorously qualified and operates under legal agreements that protect intellectual property (IP), define confidentiality obligations, and ensure quality and compliance. We stand by our ISO 9001-certified service provider qualification and monitoring processes. 

Provider qualification & monitoring criteria

Our process verifies details of service provider compliance, reputation, financial standing, and staff expertise:

  • Basic info (contact, billing, shipping)
  • Proof of certifications
  • FDA warning letters
  • USDA violations
  • Anti-bribery/Anti-corruption
  • Social media
  • Client referrals
  • BBB complaints
  • Website verification
  • Facility/operations photos
  • Tax documents
  • Financial standing
  • Risk assessment
Expertise and Resources
  • Employee headcount
  • Staff bios
  • Instrumentation
  • Detailed service descriptions
  • Validation data
  • Publications/patents

We require submission of compliance and capabilities information to help our clients determine whether the provider is the best fit for a proposed study. Information is either incorporated into the Science Exchange storefront for each facility or is stored within Science Exchange’s database.

Evident™ Compliance Assessment: save time with standardized compliance

It’s easy to make sure that researchers on your team are working with providers that meet the needs and standards of your business using Science Exchange’s Evident™ standardized compliance solution. 

  • Providers are able to complete standardized assessments covering Animal Welfare, Human Biological Samples, Regulated Services (eg. GxP), and Information Security. 
  • Using filtered search, quickly identify providers that have completed assessments that are relevant to your project.
  • Download and review copies of assessments for your records, and share them with appropriate stakeholders. 
  • Direct a provider to complete an assessment by sharing instructions with them. 

Watch the video below for a step-by-step demonstration of how Evident™ compliance assessment can streamline your provider selection process.

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