Medical device company uses Science Exchange to advance bionics into the clinic

Medical device case study Science Exchange

BIOS is an innovative medical device company that is creating an open standard connection for bionic limbs which can be controlled with thought and respond to sensory inputs. Their R&D programs require integrated, cutting-edge expertise from multiple disciplines, including materials science, machine learning, and neuroscience.

Download the case study to learn how Science Exchange enabled BIOS to rapidly advance its bionics technologies, bringing these potentially life-changing devices into the clinic where they are now being tested.


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Driving innovation and efficiency at a top 10 biopharmaceutical company.

Top 10 biopharma case study

A top 10 biopharmaceutical company was looking to streamline their massive R&D outsourcing effort. While driving scientific discovery, the procurement process was creating administrative and legal workloads for sourcing, contracting, managing and paying hundreds of service providers.

Download the case study to learn more how Science Exchange enabled them to save up to $1.78M on $2.85M of competitively sourced spend.

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NASA’s super-black carbon nanotubes developed through Science Exchange

NASA Case Study

As a part of their efforts to push the limits of mankind and invent new materials and processes, NASA must often collaborate with multiple, global partners. 

Download the case study to learn more how NASA used Science Exchange to find a perfect partner for a new process of developing nanotube technologies. […]

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