FYR Diagnostics Joins Forces with Science Exchange to Offer RNA Screening and Biomarker Services


PALO ALTO, CA, April 24, 2018 – Science Exchange, the world’s leading and most secure enterprise platform for outsourced research and development (R&D) services, announced a collaboration with FYR Diagnostics to offer online access to its RNA screening and biomarker development services to scientists around the globe. FYR Diagnostics is a privately held company headquartered […]

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Guest post: Academic or Practical Discoveries to Industry Products

This is a guest post by Bill Barnett, Director of Science Community Tools (Research Technologies) at Indiana University (see full bio below). We are all aware of the challenges of taking inventions developed in academia or practical settings and moving them to products and services that benefit people.  In the world of medical inventions, we’re talking about improving […]

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